LEMO has a connector solution for most types of applications including broadcast cameras and control equipment, audio equipment, radio microphone and microwave transmission for Outside Broadcast (OB), studios, cinema, television, radio, theatre and music.

  • LaserLaser
  • Rugged, shock resistant connectorrugged shock resist
  • Watertight
  • Small size, miniature connectorsmall size
Hybrid electrical-fibre optic self-latching connector for HDTV applications (SMPTE / ARIB / EBU Standard).
Media Converter
The LEMO MEERKAT™ is a triax to fibre media converter. The unit encodes the camera’s triaxial signal and sends it to the OB van using SMPTE 311M cable.
Media Converter
The LEMO SERBAL™ is a 4 channel multiplexer that makes HD/SDI to fibre conversion possible.
Remote Cam / Motion Pict Cam - Indoors
Keying and color coding prevents incorrect matings, high number of mating cycles, rugged for indoor and outdoor use.
Remote Cam / Motion Pict Cam - Outdoors
The LEMO Ethernet to fibre media converter ensure reliable conversion in harsh environments.
Analog Audio/Video
Triaxial: 3T Japanese standard (TV), 4A USA standard (TV), 4E European standard (TV), 4M European standard (TV), REDEL® F European standard (TV)
Digital Audio
Keying and color coding prevents incorrect matings, high number of mating cycles
Lighting - Indoors
Multiple high-voltage contacts save panel space and time.
Lighting - Outdoors
Mating cycles, rugged, IP rating, accessories; plugs, caps, covers, bend relief
Small, light weight, gold contacts and optional threaded collar for low contact noise. 00 (FVG and FVS), 0B, 00 (FVB)
Active Systems Media converters
Triaxial to fibre video media converter. HD/SDI to fibre converter. SMPTE conversion device for singlemode fibre. Fibre optic camera link system provides multi-channel system camera-style video and audio connections, and control for studio cameras and camcorders.