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Stay CONNECTED to the most important news in technology. We are passionate about high tech and its applications. How technology ceaselessly pushes the limits of human endeavour, bringing the science fiction of our childhood dreams into our everyday lives.  

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    On our journey to a greener world

    When it comes to environmental protection, every step counts. The LEMO Group is proud to see its solutions being used in an increasing number of innovations that contribute to protecting our planet. It also pursues many initiatives to reduce its own environmental footprint.

    all formula student

    Go faster, go smarter

    Across the globe, hundreds of young enthusiasts are busy adding the finishing touches to their impressive racing cars. They will compete this summer in the Formula Student, marking its 25th anniversary, and Formula SAE, the two most prestigious engineering student competitions in the world.

    wsense outside

    Network for the big blue

    Rewarded at the last World Economic Forum, Italian startup WSense has been developing a platform that could become THE solution for underwater wireless communication. It could very well revolutionize studying and understanding our planet. Interview with its CEO Chiara Petrioli.


    Another way to dye

    UK textile industry innovator Alchemie Technology has set itself a mission : to revolutionise one of the world’s most polluting industries, textile dyeing. Its solution holds great promises for environmental protection.

    pride of lions

    Backstage at the lion king

    A record-breaking show that has been performed globally for over 25 years, this musical blockbuster is the result of the passionate work of a great number of artists and craftspeople. Our interview with one of them, in charge of the masks and puppets of the show’s London production.

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