REDEL P - Push-Pull

Highly configurable plastic Push-Pull connector
REDEL P - Push-Pull
Indoor/protected environments (IP50/IP64)
Push-Pull latching system
Keying system & color coding
Light & fully sterilizable construction
Disposable included
Main Features
Indoor/protected environments (IP50/IP64)
Push-Pull latching system
Keying system & color coding
Light & fully sterilizable construction
Disposable included
Reliable High quality and performance interconnect solutions
Modular and custom made complete solutions
Worldwide presence with local experts, stock management and cable assembly everywhere
Form & Material
Broad medical approved high quality plastic (PEI, PSU) circular connector range for indoor/protected environments (IP50/IP64)
Latching system
Push-Pull latching system enabling simple/quick yet safe and reliable frequent connect and disconnect
Keying system
Keying system allowing for a high contact density, with multiple key and color options to prevent mismating
Field proven light & compact construction, fully sterilizable
Ergonomic design
Size and model
Various sizes and models including disposable and water-resistant models
Electrical configurations
Insert configurations
Large selection of insert configurations including high-density low voltage, high voltage, coaxial and fluidic contacts as well as hybrid solutions
Qualified for electrostatic discharge protected designs: IEC 60601-1 (15kV)
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20 Oct 2023
REDEL P series catalog
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20 Oct 2023
Product brief - REDEL 2P High Voltage
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20 Oct 2023
Connector selection guide eng
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20 Oct 2023
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20 Oct 2023
REDEL single use connector
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Suitable applications
Energy & Industrial
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Test & Measurement
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Transportation, Aerospace & UAV
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Use the table to compare the 2 main series within the REDEL connector family and to identify the connector(s) best adapted to your specific requirements.
REDEL P - Push-Pull

REDEL P - Push-Pull

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REDEL SP - Inner Push-Pull

REDEL SP - Inner Push-Pull

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Description Description Highly configurable plastic Push-Pull connector Description Highly configurable plastic connector with inner Push-Pull
Locking Locking Push-Pull Locking Inner Push-Pull
Size Size 3 sizes from ø 14.0 to ø 21.2 mm (plugs) Size 1 size ø 15.5 mm (plugs)
Keying Keying 6 keyway + 7 colour options Keying 4 keyway + 7 colour options
Shell Type Shell Type Over 12 shell styles​ Shell Type Over 8 shell styles​
Shell Material Shell Material PEI / PSU Shell Material PPSU
Plating Plating - Plating -
Cable Diameter Cable Diameter 2.7 to 9.5 mm Cable Diameter 2.5 to 7.5 mm
NB of contact NB of contact 2 to 34 NB of contact 4 to 22
AWG AWG 12 to 32 mm AWG 18 to 32 mm
Contact types Contact types Multipole • Coax • Fibre Optic • Fluidic High Voltage • Mixed • Thermocouple Contact types Multipole
Contact Termination Contact Termination Solder / Crimp / Print (PCB) Contact Termination Solder / Crimp / Print (PCB)
Sterilization Sterilization Steam / ETO / Serris / Gamma Sterilization Steam / ETO / Serris / Gamma
Sealing level Sealing level IP50 / IP66 Sealing level IP50
Temperature range Temperature range -55°C to 170°C Temperature range -50°C to 170°C
Mating Cycles Mating Cycles > 1000 Mating Cycles > 2000
REDEL P - Push-Pull

With the medical sector in mind, the REDEL® P series offers high quality plastic (PEI, PSU), sterilisable connectors designed for indoor and protected environments. Multiple keys and colour coding allow for high contact density and prevent mis-mating. The Push-Pull latching system is simple and quick, yet safe and reliable for frequent connection/disconnection. The ergonomic design has been field tested and is medically approved. A large selection of insert configurations (high-density low voltage, high voltage, coaxial, fluidic, and hybrid) are available, as are disposable and water-resistant (IP64) models. 


LEAP Awards
Article • 27 October 2023

LEMO proud winner of 2023 Gold LEAP Awards

Each year, Design World magazine presents LEAP (Leadership in Engineering Achievement Program) Awards to celebrate the most innovative and forward-thinking products serving the design engineering space.

LEMO UK ISO 13485 Certified
Article • 16 October 2023

LEMO UK renews ISO 13485 certification for medical device quality management

LEMO UK is pleased to announce the successful renewal of its ISO 13485 certification, a globally recognised standard for quality management systems within the medical device industry. 

Article • 06 August 2023

New multi coaxial model with High frequency performance

LEMO is thrilled to announce the expansion of its field-proven M Series with a new multi coaxial configuration, named LM.232, available in size LM with up to 12x coaxial contacts. These new plugs and fixed sockets have been specifically designed to satisfy the most stringent high frequency connection requirements under very demanding environmental conditions.This new insert configuration integrates 12x coaxial contacts type 0R (50 Ohm), allowing the transmission of high frequency data up to 26.5 GHz with a low Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR). The coaxial contact is easy to mount, thanks to its crimp contact and retaining clip. It is designed to be terminated with flexible low-loss communication cable LMR-100A or MULTIFLEX 86.Typical applications are wireless network 5G wireless networks, radar systems, battlefield communications and UAV anti-drone technology.Thanks to its expertise and cable assembly capabilities, LEMO is at your disposal to assist you in providing complete interconnect solutions.

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