Hydrogen mobility, smart T-shirts, magnetic robots, humanitarian drones and more

Discover the 20th edition of our magazine, dedicated to innovation and innovators, showcasing varied and exciting content, that you have come to expect. Our special feature is dedicated to a major breakthrough in combating climate change: hydrogen mobility. How does it work? How far have we gone? We have interviewed an expert on the matter, and, as a brilliant example, we are also unveiling Forze IX, the fastest H2 car in the world. 

You can also meet Bike, the small magnetic robot that makes it easier and safer to inspect the labyrinth of pipes of oil and gas facilities. Angel React, a smart T-shirt that contributes to saving lives in the event of an electric shock. We have also interviewed for you the founder of WeRobotics, an association developing a network of UAV professionals in emerging countries, Flying Labs. Thanks to them, drones have been establishing themselves as powerful tools for local sustainable growth. Last, but not least, we will tell you how LEMO became anchored in cutting-edge technologies “Made in UK” through an interview with the managing director of our UK subsidiary company. 

All of them dazzling highlights of human ingenuity, offering many good reasons to believe in the future. 


CONNECTED MAGAZINE N°20 (English Version)

CONNECTED MAGAZINE N°20 (French Version)

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