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LEMO Connectors Benelux BV is a sales, design, manufacturing and research facility located in Haarlem, the Netherlands. The company acts as first point of contact for the group’s customers located in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.  

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Jacques Meuwissenweg 6, 2031 AD Haarlem The Netherlands


Email: info-nl@lemo.com Tel: +31 23 206 07 01
Local Key Services Available

The primary customer services available from the Dutch site are: 

  • Consultative field-based sales  
  • Customer service
  • Customer credit facilities
  • Design & application engineering
  • Inventory management
  • Standard connector distribution
  • Connector assembly and configuration to order
  • Cable assembly
  • Quick turn-around system level interconnect solutions
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Quality assurance and control 
Lemo NL Team
Field Sales

A team of industry experts are based throughout the Netherlands , Belgium and Luxembourg and are available to offer on-site consultation to assist customers during their development process. 

Lemo NL Team
Application Engineering

A team of  qualified Design / Application Engineers is on hand to further support customers during their interconnect selection process. Solutions are developed in partnership with customer using the latest 3D CAD tools to ensure a coherent partnership and aligned service. 

Lemo NL Office
Customer Service

A team of dedicated customer service representatives based in the Haarlem office, offering a quick turn-around sales and administrative service. Our team are on hand to advise on pricing, lead-time, global stock availability, and general sales enquiries.  

lemo european distribution center

Marketing and communication services

A dedicated marketing communications team is available for any information relating to LEMO’s promotional activities such as fairs, events, advertisement and communication. 

Harness Manufacturing Capabilities


Cable Assembly
LEMO Connectors Benelux has a fully equipped cable assembly manufacturing facility with the capability and resources to provide its customers with a complete service. Their main aim of the business is to offer cable assembly solutions which are tailored to specific customer requirements and optimized for both performance and manufacturing from the outset.  All cable assemblies are manufactured in the Netherlands by an experienced and highly trained team of assemblers who specialize in the termination of both fibre and copper cables. As with all LEMO products, cable assemblies are manufactured to exacting standards. The most up-to-date manufacturing equipment is used to ensure the highest levels of product quality are consistently maintained throughout the whole production cycle.  

LEMO Connectors Benelux has proven itself to be a unique and reliable partner for their customers by offering complete connection solutions and flexibility at the same time. Whether a customer is looking for one supplier who offers it all (cable, connector and assembly) or there is just a need for assembling one side of the cable: LEMO Connectors Benelux can make you an offer that saves your time and money.  

All assemblers of the Dutch facility are IP620-certified. 

Fibre Optic Assemblies 

Fibre Optic Connections require a careful selection of the correct fibre contacts to match the fibre cable perfectly. An optimal performance of this connection is achieved by a very specific polishing process of the fibres. To guarantee an excellent and reliable result of the highest quality, all fibre assemblies are tested by LEMO Connectors Benelux before being released to customers.  

LEMO Connectors Benelux is the main supplier for all HDTV fibre connectors within the AV market (3K.93C series). These hybrid FO/Electrical Connectors are approved according SMTPE standards. Connectors within this series consist of robust stainless steel outer housing, comply to IP68 standards and have a plugging cycle of at least 20.000 times.

All Fibre Optic Assemblers of the Dutch facility are trained by certified fibre optic specialist engineers and have a certificate of approval for performing these high quality assemblies.  

Quality Assurance

LEMO Connectors Benelux is certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 & ISO 13485:2016.

As part of a standard verification process, 100% of all cable assembly solutions are both visually and electrically tested for compliance during the manufacturing process.

LEMO’s  Benelux facility is  certified to:
• ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System  

As a LEMO group we are certified to:
• ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
• ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

As part of a standard verification process, 100% of all cable assembly / system level solutions are both visually and electrically tested for compliance during the manufacturing process. 

Solar Team Twente

Solar Team Twente

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