Modular Broadcast Camera Connection System


Main Features

  • Converts from SMPTE 304 connectors to industry standard fibre optic connectors (ST/SC)
  • Plugs directly into camera/CCU via hybrid camera cable
  • Allows connection for up to 6 cameras
  • Modular design allowing for a variety of camera models
  • Plug & play solution
  • 19-inch rack mountable
  • Standard industry fibre optic cabling is widely available
  • Up to 6 cameras can be remotely powered
  • Easily reconfigurable for various models of camera
  • Applications: Golf, skiing, competition racing, Olympic games and Stadia

The RACKSHACK™ is a modular conversion system from multiple SMPTE connectors/cables to industry standard fibre optic connectors such as ST/SC. The camera end version of the RACKSHACK™ is a 4U high 19-inch chassis, consisting of individual interchangeable modules, allowing for up to 6 cameras of different makes and models to be powered, as well as providing a fibre optic link to the corresponding CCU/Basestation.

The CCU end RACKSHACK™ is a fixed 1U high 19-inch enclosure. Each channel will receive the camera signals via industry standard fibre optic connectors (ST or SC for example) and transport those signals through to the corresponding CCU via LEMO 3K.93C connectors/cable assemblies.

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