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We are living longer and healthier lives yet we face intractable medical challenges: an ageing population; health issues which arise from our longevity and prosperity; health issues which arise from pandemics. Interconnected medical devices are critical components in living healthier lives.

Technical Challenges
Technology in Diagnoses, Treatment and Care

Screening procedures such as medical imaging enable the early detection of numerous conditions and diseases, which in turn provide options for treatment and after care. Data driven medicine makes analysis of large patient groups possible and improves the speed and accuracy of diagnosis. Telehealth facilitates the diffusion of medical information. Surgeons can perform complex, less invasive procedures with increased precision thanks to robot assisted surgery. Prostheses enabling complex movements are driven by microprocessors.

Health, Safety and Hygiene are Prime Consideration

Connectivity plays a crucial role in the medical industry, especially when it comes to ensuring that critical medical devices are running smoothly and saving lives. There are several challenges that need to be addressed to ensure optimal use of medical devices, and connectivity can help in many ways. 

Connectors should be easy to sterilise with sufficient ingress protection from fluids and other contaminants. Ergonomics are a significant factor, particularly in critical situations in which connections need to be made rapidly or frequently without fear of mis-mating. Depending on the application, particular configurations of cables and connectors may be required.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Group CEO Alexandre Pesci directed every LEMO factory in Switzerland to prioritise making respiratory assistance and intensive care equipment, in support of our partners' race against time. Frontline medical staff know they can trust LEMO to provide power, signals, data and treatments where they are needed most.

The LEMO Offer

medical sterilisation

The best-in-class medical connections

A prime consideration is, of course, that LEMO connectors are medically approved.

The LEMO Premium Plastic series has been designed to meet international safety and performance standards for medical devices. We offer a wide range of plastic connectors which can withstand multiple sterilisation cycles, as well as single use connectors where sterilisation is not possible.

Intuitively easy to use

Ease of use is provided to medical professionals and patients by our ergonomic Push-Pull connectors which require no torque to ensure a safe, reliable connection, and which can withstand many connections and disconnections.

Outstanding reliability and durability

LEMO is committed to providing the highest quality products, designed for longevity, using in-house manufacturing and state-of-the-art and proprietary materials.

Better integration

LEMO connectors' ergonomic designs include reduced footprint and high density contacts. As well as medical grade connectors, LEMO provides a full cable assembly service.

Off-the-shelf solutions

A very large selection of insert configurations and cable assemblies are available according to need. These include high density low voltage, high voltage, coaxial, fluidic and hybrid options.

Fields of application 

Specialist solutions can be designed and engineered based on customer requirements, including the most advanced applications which require high voltage and high-density contacts.

Dedicated applications also include:

  • Pulsed Field Ablation Technology,
  • Catheters and endoscope systems (including diagnostic electrophysiology (EP) catheters),
  • Imaging (including Xray, PET scan, Ultrasound and scintigraphy)
  • Patient monitoring devices,
  • Respiratory systems,
  • Surgery and medical robots

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