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Increasingly, electronics systems are required to operate in extreme environmental conditions. From the ocean floor to outer space, from medical to nuclear applications, the specific requirements for connectors require a deliberate choice of materials, mechanical resistance and hermeticity. 

Technical Challenges

For each specific requirement, decisions have to be taken regarding the most appropriate materials in relation to demands for weight, temperature, and resistance to chemicals or corrosion. Further, the environment requires consideration of mechanical performance and for the potential for vibration, pressure and infiltration. 

The Advantages of LEMO Solutions

demanding environments

LEMO focuses on solutions which meet the most exacting demands in the harshest environments

By integrating our in-house design and manufacturing expertise, LEMO offers state-of-the-art design with the most advanced materials and sophisticated milling and injection moulding. In situations where maintenance or human intervention are not easily possible, our coatings provide unmatched durability and reliability.

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