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Modularity, Compacity and High Density

Miniaturisation is a continuously evolving trend in every electronic application. The size of interconnection solutions plays an important role where connectors occupy valuable space on device interfaces. Smaller plugs and sockets with high densities are key to saving space and weight. 

Technical Challenges

Several technical issues present themselves when size has to be reduced:

  • Miniature contacts require highly engineered designs, high precision insulators and optimised spacing between pins. 
  • Locking mechanisms must countervail changes in the insulator's diameter.
  • Smaller plugs and sockets must preserve their ergonomic coupling.
  • The choice of the interface's location is ergonomically important.

The Advantages of LEMO Solutions 

LEMO is a leader in small, light, ergonomic connectors for use in the most demanding situations. Using proprietary materials, precision Swiss-made instruments and micro injection moulding, we produce best-in-class products with unrivalled density, contacts and insulation. 

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An Innovative Design

LEMO's original Push-Pull mechanism plays a central role in increasing the amount of space available. By eliminating the need for screw thread or bayonet couplings, more space is available for contacts and less space is required to engage the plug with the socket. 

Size Isn't Everything - Modularity Matters Too

An extensive range of sockets and plugs of different sizes and shapes. 


Flush or recessed mounting to maximise space. Connectors configured for the printed circuit board's orientation. 

Cable Management

Straight or elbow connectors define the direction of cable exit. 

Hybrid Configurations

Signal, power, fluid, fibre optic or coaxial in the same cable. 

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