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northwire building

In 2014 LEMO acquired NORTHWIRE to expand our cable and wire production. Founded in Wisconsin, USA in 1972, NORTHWIRE is a specialist in the manufacture of complex, high performance cables.

NORTHWIRE has a notable track record of innovative design and engineering expertise. Our cables are used in fields as diverse as medicine and aerospace, in motorsports and defence, in nuclear installations and other extreme environments.

Our manufacturing capabilities include extrusion, braiding (for protection against electromagnetic interference) and retractile coiling (for high flex-life applications). 

Northwire in Santa Teresa

Having opened in 2004, Northwire's wire and cable manufacturing facility in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, continue to receive increased customer demands for a wide range of standard and custom wire and cable systems and personalized cable solutions.

Strategically positioned, NWI's facility withing the Santa Teresa region is ideal for copper sourcing and distribution to the Southwest, Mexico, and Central and South America making this geographic location rich with business opportunities. 

How can we help ?

NORTHWIRE Headquarters

110 Prospect Way Osceola, Wisconsin 54020 800.468.1516 715.294.3727 Contact us

NORTHWIRE Southwest Facility

11 Earhardt Way Santa Teresa, New Mexico 88008 575.443.6300 575.874.1555

NORTHWIRE European Distribution

Jacques Meuwissenweg 6 2031 AD Haarlem, The Netherlands 49 1794995786
NORTHWIRE and LEMO – Your Interconnect Solutions Partner

By combining our existing expertise in cable assembly with LEMO's high quality connectors, we created a framework for innovative, integrated assemblies. Guided by the needs of our customers, our certified teams can design, build and test complete connection solutions of exceptional consistency and quality.

A Commitment to Quality

NORTHWIRE is committed to being an industry leading designer and manufacturer of custom cable and wire and assemblies. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by numerous certifications:

  • ISO 9001 Quality management
  • ISO 13485 Medical devices
  • AS 9100 Aviation, space, defense
  • ISO 17025 Qualified test facility

End-to-end Services, Endless Innovation

  • Profound understanding of the market
  • Custom cable design
  • Holistic solutions combining cables and connectors
  • Rapid proof of concept
  • Vertical integration
  • Precise execution of specific requirements
  • 100% of cable assemblies tested
  • End-to-end quality assurance
  • Swift product turnaround

NORTHWIRE and LEMO - Connecting their expertise

What do you get if you combine NORTHWIRE's expertise in cables with LEMO's market-leading connectors? 

An unrivaled selection of standard, custom and hybrid options which the LEMO Group's cable assembly service can tailor to your precise needs, anywhere in the world.

Your Custom Cable Solutions Partner

Do you have a challenging project ?

Northwire design engineers help you select the right materials and components that perform with your end-application needs.

  • Discover material alternatives
  • Build a cable to your exact requirements
  • Provide rapid prototypes