Product Change Policy



This policy applies to all the products designed within the LEMO Group.

Since its foundation in 1946, LEMO has always improved its inhouse production capacities, enhancing the quality and performance of its products and ensuring perfect intermountability (replacing a connector on an existing equipment) and intermateability (connecting to a previously installed LEMO connector) and will continue to do so.
As part of our product change control process, LEMO will commit to prior notification of any change that may significantly affect the fit, form or function.

  • Fit refers to the ability of a part to physically interface with, connect to, or become an integral part of another part
  • Form refers to the external visual appearance and external dimensions
  • Function refers to all performance characteristics

Production location
All LEMO production sites in the world have the same organization (corporate certified ISO 9001 minimum), means of production, similar tools, use qualified suppliers as necessary and meet the same quality requirements. Therefore, all LEMO connector and cable assemblies may be manufactured in any or all LEMO facilities configured to do so. LEMO reserves the right to change the production site within the group (except for product origin change) without prior notification.

LEMO standard catalogue products
LEMO standard catalogue products are defined as those Connectors, Components and Tooling found in the various catalogues available online on LEMO’s website. These standard products and components are considered Commercial-off-the-Shelf and are used in a variety of different markets.

LEMO agrees to provide one hundred and twenty (120) days advance notification related to product changes affecting the Fit, Form or Function. After the one hundred and twenty (120) days notification without any reaction, LEMO reserves the right to implement the change. Should the customer refuse the change within the one hundred and twenty (120) days, LEMO could continue to provide the product as it was prior to the modification, using a new reference. However, due to possible volume changes, the price and delivery time of the legacy product could increase.

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Customized products
Customized products are defined as those LEMO Connectors, Cable Assemblies, components thereof, or other components that incorporate design content from either the customer (included customer quality requirements) or LEMO to accommodate special fit, form or functional characteristics that meet the customer’s needs or intended use in application.

If the customized design described above is funded by the customer, LEMO agrees to provide, unless otherwise agreed one hundred and twenty (120) days advanced notification related to product design changes that could alter fit, form, function for customer review and acceptance of proposed change prior to implementation.