overmolding connectivity services

Connectivity Services for High-Performance Solutions

For 75 years LEMO has been at the forefront of connector technology. Today, our holistic service offers advanced engineering, custom cable and connector assembly, and technical support. Our global reach and local expertise mean we can push the boundaries of technology on your doorstep. 

complete connectivity

Complete connectivity

Renowned for its connectors, LEMO also provides a complete connectivity service.


Cable Assembly 
When LEMO combined in-house cable assembly with our existing expertise in connectors and cables, we created an environment where integrated solutions became the benchmark for connectivity solutions.
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Customised solutions 
Using state-of-the-art technology, LEMO designs, tests and builds customised connectivity solutions, employing our customers' most stringent of requirements as our guide. 
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end-to-end signal integrity services

End-to-end signal integrity services

From pin’s to protocols

In order to ensure that high-speed signals travel from one device to another without loss or distortion, special attention needs to be given to the connector design, cable selection and cable assembly, in order to limit the effect of insertion loss, attenuation, return loss and crosstalk. 

LEMO has developed a significant range of commercial off-the-shelf products which conform to high-speed protocols such as Ethernet, SPE, USB, SMPTE and more. Many of these products feature our robust, proprietary Push-Pull design. 

For connectors or cable assemblies requiring unique signal integrity, LEMO can design, simulate and test bespoke solutions to meet customers' specifications. 
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