LEMO is thrilled to announce the launch of its new innovative MP Series - The progressive Modular Plastic Series that complements the REDEL connector family.  

The MP series goes beyond traditional connectors by allowing customers to easily Configure, Design and Build their own connector with unparalleled flexibility.

The new series features a broad range of standard modules for power, signal, data, fibre optic and fluidic connectivity that can be combined into one single hybrid connector.  

The REDEL MP Series also introduces high contact density modules, an innovation that allows up to 144 contacts in a compact connector by using the Card Edge concept. These PCB modules can be further customized with the integration of intelligence, such as an EPROM. 


One connector,  
infinite possibilities

The flexible and interchangeable design allows the customer to transition easily to a different configuration for future product generations, without having to change the connector footprint. Additionally, full cable assembly options are also available.     
This innovative product is designed to support a broad range of applications including medical, test and measurement, security, industrial and other demanding and evolving markets.


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