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Cable Assembly Service 
Cable assembly for complete interconnection solutions

We all need to connect. Be it data, communications or power, we rely on dependable connections. Critical applications of technology in fields as diverse as healthcare and aerospace, broadcasting and robotics demand LEMO's robust connectivity solutions. When LEMO combined in-house cable assembly with our existing expertise in connectors, we created an environment where integrated solutions became the benchmark. 

Our objective is to provide a comprehensive interconnect solution by achieving the most effective connection between our connectors and the appropriate cable. Guided by the requirements of our customers, our certified teams can design, build and test complex cable assemblies.

Custom cable design
Our proven track record is founded upon testing 100% of our cable assemblies, a profound understanding of the market, and our complete in-house skill set - from conception to customer support.
Custom cable design and prototyping

Our custom cable design and prototyping provides you with the option of integrating custom or standard cables with active/passive peripherals. Using Northwire cables (a LEMO Group company), we offer the optimum high-performance cable and connector service.

LEMO's generations of experience extend far beyond its technical expertise in precision connectors. Our proven track record is founded upon testing 100% of our cable assemblies, a profound understanding of the market, and our complete in-house skill set - from conception to customer support.

Whether you need electronic, fibre optic or hybrid cables, we provide peace of mind at the time of installation and during operation: you will receive the same high quality of cable assembly as vou would expect from LEMO connectors.

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Connect with LEMO's expertise 

Excellent design requires rigorous prototyping.

LEMO and its subsidiaries are equipped with the latest technology, often custom built, in order to measure reliability, durability and quality against customer demands: the resilience of cables and connectors can be enhanced by potting and over-moulding; precision cutting and stripping allows cables to be delivered in accurate lengths; and robotic assembly ensures maximum reliability with rapid high volume production. 

lemo cable assemblies

LEMO cable assemblies feature

  • Electronic, fibre optic, thermocouple, fluidic and hybrid connections
  • Small to large volume capacity
  • High pressure, high-speed, PCB Flex, high-density, high-voltage, high-power cable assembly & testing capabilities
  • Market specific certifications (e.g. ISO 13485 for medical cables) and related test equipment (e.g. autoclave for sterilisation)
  • OEM services such as special packaging labelling, and marking
  • 100% of cable assemblies tested
  • Worldwide over-moulding service
  • Multiple local centres of expertise covering the Americas, Europe and Asia.  
spiral cable with b series

From Conception to Production

LEMO transforms your ideas into results. 


Nobody understands the specifications and requirements of your power and data cables better than you. Your input allows LEMO to identify the cables and connectors which best conform to your needs. Together, from concept to design, we can select the most appropriate materials, properties and functionality for your requirements.  

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LEMO's global reach allows us to provide your cable assembly solutions anywhere in the world. Please leave your contact details and a local specialist will be in touch shortly. 
Are you looking for a specific cable? Our online assistant can help. 

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