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The audio-video and broadcast industries are evolving rapidly. We have seen a recent shift from traditional TV to streaming services. We consume media over the internet on portable devices. Our appetite for high resolution images and high frame rate video demands rapid and high volume data transmission.  

Technical Challenges
The bright new world of ultra high-resolution video 

For seamless operation, connected audio and video devices require specific standards for bridging audio and video, which in turn necessitate enhanced internet connectivity for optimal performance. Additionally, the adoption of connected devices in homes, such as virtual reality devices, is rapidly increasing. The primary challenge for providers in this field is to develop resilient, reliable, and high-quality solutions.  

The technology needs to respond accordingly: 

  • High resolution video in in 4K and 8K (HD, UHD) is becoming standard for domestic viewing 
  • Audio-video technology needs to be increasingly durable and portable 
  • Bandwidth and data transmission rates need to keep pace with other recording and broadcast technologies  

The LEMO Offer

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High Resolution Solutions 

Thanks to its consistent focus on quality and its approach based on constant innovation, LEMO has been an active contributor to the SMPTE standards for HD TV and remains on top of the latest developments and provides solutions for all new forms of media. 

Drawing upon their comprehensive expertise in the broadcasting industry, LEMO has acquired the necessary knowledge to provide end-to-end solutions. These solutions encompass state-of-the-art interconnect solutions and media converter solutions.

Unrivalled choice

LEMO's extensive range of connectors offers standard, modular and custom connectivity solutions for the audio-video, communications and broadcast industry. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions that includes coaxial, triaxial, optical fiber, and hybrid cable systems, as well as active devices, as part of our continuously growing selection. 

Setting Standards

Developed in collaboration with Sony the 3K.93C Series connectors became the worldwide standard for high-definition TV, complying with SMPTE 304 / SMPTE 311, ARIB and EBU standards.

Exceptional durability

Robust design and carefully selected materials ensure a very high number of mating cycles in any environment, including the harshest. 

Local expertise, global reach

LEMO Group customers can rely on technical support thanks to the company’s global presence and network of local interconnect experts, inventory and advanced cable assembly capabilities for copper and fibre optic cable solutions. 

Fields of application 

For decades, LEMO has been providing high performance connection solutions for audio-video, broadcast and imaging. Our products can be found in radio microphones, coaxial cables and triaxial antennas, light detection and ranging (LIDAR) devices, ultrasound scanners, virtual cinematography… the list goes on.  

From rain-soaked outside broadcasts to the heat of the football world cup, LEMO focuses on solutions which meet the most exacting demands in harsh environments. Over the years, LEMO has developed a large portfolio of custom and standard models - yesterday's innovative designs become today's standards and most common applications can employ LEMO's stock models.

LEMO has a long and recognised association with audio-video and broadcast technology.  With the emergence of HDTV, we developed the 3K.93C series which has defined the standard for HDTV connectors. In 2021 LEMO received the Emmy award for technology and engineering in recognition for this significant innovation.

The Society for Motion Picture and Television Engineers chooses LEMO as the international standard for camera links and our products are compliant with the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses standards. 

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