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From ground-breaking innovation to global standard

Few companies can claim to have directly contributed to a technological revolution. The LEMO Group has initiated several. Among others, it invented the Push-Pull latching system and set the global standard for hybrid fibre optic connectors, supporting the move to HDTV.

Innovation has always been the driving force behind LEMO’s success. It has fuelled numerous leading product lines and, by inventing the push-pull connector, shaped the course of the connectivity industry.

Yet, for companies like LEMO which are fully vertically integrated and which have a long-standing history in manufacturing components, innovation can appear daunting. The challenge lies in transcending traditional boundaries and embracing the transformative power of innovation in every part of its complex value chain.

Thanks to its vertically integrated structure, LEMO can leverage the versatility of expertise arising from every manufacturing discipline it has integrated and mastered. Coupled with an attentive understanding of our customers’ needs and a deep knowledge of the industry, LEMO possesses the key elements to position itself as competitive and relevant in an ever-evolving market.

Since LEMO’s creation in 1946, this family-owned business has always invested in research, development and innovation, allocating resources to explore the new technologies, processes, and materials which keep it at the forefront of industry.

LEMO fosters innovation and drives meaningful change by promoting an environment which values creativity, unlocking the potential of its workforce, and leveraging their collective intelligence. Additionally, LEMO builds partnerships with external organisations – research establishments, academia, startups, and technology firms – to infuse fresh ideas, cutting-edge technologies, and diverse skill sets into the company’s operations.

b series

The original Push-Pull connector: a global standard

In frustration that his cables would disconnect themselves from his camera, an amateur photographer developed the original Push-Pull connector in 1954.
Quickly adopted by telephone switchboards for its advantages over other connectors, the innovative, ergonomic design is still produced today and recognised as a standard, used globally in a multitude of applications.
That amateur photographer was Léon Mouttet, founder of LEMO. 



3k.93C Series for HDTV: literally award-winning

The mid-nineties saw the emergence of HDTV and a call for a new generation of connectors. LEMO’s connectors met with instant approval, but the competition was intense, leading to new developments.
Finally, the 3k.93C was launched in 1995. It was enthusiastically adopted by SONY and Panasonic, giants of the electronics industry. American television recognised LEMO’s major contribution to HDTV with an Emmy Award in 2021.
It is one of the only hybrid fibre connectors being used worldwide that complies fully with SMPTE 304 / SMPTE 311, ARIB and EBU standards for both signal and cable.

m & f series

The M & F Series take pole position

The heat, dust, oil and vibrations of modern motorsport create a demanding environment for connectors and cables. Given the risks involved, reliability cannot be compromised.
As a testament to LEMO’s rugged M and F series, nothing says more than their adoption by Formula 1.
Their resilience has become the benchmark for connectors operating in harsh environments, leading to their use in aerospace, medical and robotics applications.

Continuous improvement 


These 75 years have brought many innovations, whilst R&D’s quest has remained unchanged: to reach the highest quality, unequalled robustness and reliability, combined with exceptional ease-of-use.

This quest has given rise to iconic series, but also to many others: hermaphroditic solutions initially designed for space (H Series); connectors withstanding radiation emissions in nuclear power plants, remotely controlled by robots (N Series); or marine and underwater environments (V, W and U Series); high-voltage connectors (LEMO Y Series, 05, 5G, REDEL K/S Series); small IP68 Push-Pull multipole connectors for outdoor applications (T Series); and many others.

This quest for quality explains why LEMO innovations continue today, like yesterday and tomorrow, to be selected for the most demanding applications and the harshest environments. Everywhere where connections are too precious to be accidentally interrupted.

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