Quality and reliability


Swiss-made performance for the most demanding applications

Producing reliable and robust products stands at the core of any successful business and we have taken those words to heart for more than 75 years.

Each of LEMO's precision engineered components meets or exceeds the listed specifications for the duration of the product life cycle, regardless of harsh operating or environmental conditions.

Our diligence in innovation has earned the loyalty of thousands of satisfied customers who can be found working in the most extreme environments from the deepest depths of the oceans to the farthest reaches of outer space, from the arctic North Pole to the searing heat of jet engines, from silent hospital operating theatres to roaring auto racetracks.

LEMO Group customers know they can maintain their well-deserved reputations for excellence while still enjoying cost savings over the long term.

ISO 9001

LEMO is ISO 9001 certified for design, manufacture & distribution of electrical & fibre optic connectors, cables, systems & cable assembly.
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ISO 13485

ISO 13485 specifies requirements for a quality management system where the organisation needs to demonstrate its ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer requirements and regulatory requirements applicable in the medical industry.

ISO 13485 certificate (LEMO USA)
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ISO 13485 certificate (LEMO UK)
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ISO 13485 certificate (LEMO CHINA)
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ISO 13485 certificate (NORTHWIRE Santa Teresa)
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ISO 13485 certificate (NORTHWIRE Osceola)
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AS9100 specifies requirements for a quality management system where the organisation needs to demonstrate its ability to provide products and services that consistently meet customer requirements in the Aviation, Space or Defense Industry.

AS9100 (2016) certifcate based on ISO 9001:2015 for Northwire
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EJ/T 9001

EJ/T 9001 specifies requirements for a quality management system where the organisation needs to demonstrate its ability to provide products and services that consistently meet customer requirements in the Nuclear Industry in China.

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Exacting at each step in the production process

The quality and performance of our solutions recognise that in cutting-edge industries such as ours, precision can never simply be an aim or desire, but is a basic prerequisite.

Our commitment to quality defines not just what we do but who we are: from product development to the selection and care of our teams, to the choice of our equipment. We consistently invest in quality control and quality is at the basis of our strategy, our innovation and our recruitment process.

The LEMO Group is proud to have contributed to setting industry-wide standards for quality.

The importance of LEMO genuine products:

Similar to other renowned global benchmark and high-quality products, our technologies also attract the attention of imitators. While it is often said that imitation is a form of flattery, it only takes a brief examination to ascertain the authenticity of a genuine part. Pay close attention to the unmistakable engraved LEMO trademark, which is a characteristic feature associated with the LEMO brand. During a closer inspection, counterfeit products may reveal flaws in finishing, sharp edges, inconsistent contacts, or irregular surface treatment. In such cases, there can be no doubt that the product is a counterfeit.. 
We cannot ensure the effectiveness of our solutions when used in conjunction with copied solutions. Therefore, we strongly recommend that our clients directly acquire our solutions from LEMO and our sales representatives in order to guarantee their proper utilization. For more detailed information regarding our statement on counterfeits, you can refer to our official documentation.

We maintain full control over our entire production chain


We have continuously integrated new competencies into our manufacturing capability to reduce our dependence on external suppliers. Everything is manufactured according to the LEMO Group’s strict processes and quality control system.

Our know-how stems from independence, strict controls and rigorous testing.

Consistency in the quality of our output is also aligned with our independence and desire to maintain full control – in financial terms as well – across the entire organisation. The LEMO Group is based upon a vertically integrated model.

Furthermore, we are rooted in a very stable environment which has allowed us to grow in an organic, systematic and consistent manner. We continually reinvest in operations, hiring the best and the brightest, conduct regular staff training programmes and support ongoing research and development. Challenges are inevitably encountered but serve as a learning tool and another means to gain a greater understanding of our individual customers’ needs to better serve them.


Swiss-made excellence stands out worldwide

Founded in Morges, Switzerland, the LEMO Group upholds a longstanding tradition of high-quality workmanship. Our work ethic is based upon precision, conscientiousness and reliability. With know-how renowned and appreciated around the world, ‘Swiss Made’ has become a recognised label of excellence in numerous fields, from watchmaking to precision mechanics, as well as, more recently, medical technologies, drones and robotics.

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