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Advanced technologies in next-generation vehicles have had a massive impact on connectivity, which has emerged as a critical element in the smooth operation of embedded electronic systems. 

Ongoing research constantly offers new features and improved performance in areas such as driverless vehicles. Electronics are crucial to modern cars in new safety features and high-end audio visual options.

The use of digital technology is driving the evolution of the motorsport industry. Advanced data analytics and machine learning are being used to optimize vehicle performance and enhance the racing experience for fans.  

Connectivity plays an important role in enabling new generation vehicles to exchange information with increasingly demanding testing systems.

Technical Challenges
Innovation in pole position 

Connectivity must adapt to increasingly complex next-generation vehicles. In terms of data transmission, vehicles require higher speed data transfer, with Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) replacing the Controller Area Network (CAN bus). Multiple sources deal with high volume/speed/power, such as the high voltages and power requirements of batteries and inverters. Without forgetting the universal challenge of reducing the weight of components as much as possible.  

Challenges are not limited to ever-more electronics being installed in vehicles, and the resulting space and weight constraints. The harsh operating environment (heat, dust, fuel) is also an important consideration. 

The LEMO Offer

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Motorsports: a labour of love

Racing vehicles have always been design icons, displaying innovation and ergonomics and arousing great passion. LEMO's love for motorsports has led to their interconnect solutions being adopted in every Formula 1 car.

LEMO’s reliable, high-performance interconnect solutions have a proven track record in motorsport. Fully compliant with F1 standards for the Electronic Control Units, LEMO’s offer includes a broad range of compact, robust, lightweight, high-density and high-power connectors.

Multiple mating cycles and highly configurable 

Connectors must be able to withstand multiple mating cycles. They must be rugged, reliable, easy to assemble and configurable, since they need to endure the same harsh conditions other motorsport components are subjected, including extreme temperature variations, road chemicals, water, debris, vibrations and shock. 

Cost-effective integrity

The transmission of both signals and data must be reliable, including SPE, high-voltage and high-power connectors. 

Long-term availability

Products from the LEMO Group are easy to source with guaranteed availability for years to come. We can supply or reproduce components which have been superseded over the decades. 

Worldwide interconnect expertise

Eager to tackle new challenges, the LEMO Group’s global network of experts can provide manufacturers with the most advanced solutions for the most demanding applications.

Fields of application 

Our areas of expertise in the motorsport industry include interconnect application both inside the vehicule and around the track, like data-loggers and sensors, engine management systems, communication and many more.  

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