LEMO connectors can be used on collaborative robots for industrial applications but also for control, articulated manipulator and automation systems. As robots become more complex, LEMO connectors enable connecting sensors, motors and actuators in an efficient way, even when the cabling layout is very dense. See the application video. Thanks to the Push-Pull system, the connector can be easily mated and un-mated allowing reduced maintenance and installation time.

LEMO connectors are extensively used on quadrupedal robots and other legged robots, as well as on wheeled robots. LEMO's high-speed circular connector (CAT6A signals) can be built into 2K/ 2T/ 2B series, offer IP68 watertightness and full EMC.

Custom solutions carrying both low / high voltage contacts or fibre/low voltage contacts are available. Northwire offers a wide range of cables that withstand a repeated number of flex cycles (over a million). These cables are extensively tested for wear in Northwire's facilities.

  • LaserLaser
  • Medical, sterilisableMedical sterilisable
  • High temperature resistantHigh temperature resistant
  • Rugged, shock resistant connectorrugged shock resist
  • Watertight
Industrial robots
Robust, resistant to wear and vibration
Medical robot
Watertight, FDA approved, UL certified and large choice of contact configurations
Vision and optical systems
Hybrid fibre and low voltage solutions, easy to disconnect for maintenance
Defense robot
Robust, reliable quick disconnect solutions. Transport and rescue, demining bot
Rovers and legged robots
Easy to manipulate, lightweight solution in Aluminium, full EMC. Right angle connector