LEMO and REDEL are the two connector brands of the LEMO group that are used in medical world. REDEL is in general the brand for the medical plastic connectors while LEMO is the brand for the metal connectors (with emc shielding). The plastic material used in our designs are FDA approved grade materials (PSU, PEI and other PSU based material) and these can be sterilizable. We recommend using PEI and PPSU for extensive sterilizations. Single-use (called disposable connectors too) are also available when sterilization is not an option. The Push-Pull connectors are easy to manipulate and are available in IP50, IP67 and IP68 version. These connectors can be used for a large variety of medical devices, for instance in the operating theatres and in intensive care.  

The electric contacts are gold plated and the connector design offer high reliability for monitoring and critical care applications. LEMO USA and Northwire are ISO 13485 certified.

  • LaserLaser
  • Color plastic connectorsMany colors
  • Medical, sterilisableMedical sterilisable
  • lightweight
Analyzers, monitoring & diagnostics
Reliable connections for gathering data. Sealed for wet applications. Flexibility on glands and seals for demanding environments. Stainless steel for best longevity and hot sterilization.
Dental Equipment
Mixed configuration inserts, fluidic/pneumatic contact option, fiber optic (can be used for illumination).
Disposable Devices (sensors, catheters)
Reliable in a sensitve environment, plastic materials familiar to the medical industry. One time use solutions.
Electrosurgical Devices
Mixed signal inserts, good RFI/EMI shield performance
Pacemakers and Hearing Devices
Small, lightweight, reliable connectors for external modules or battery packs
Ventilators, anesthesia, intensive care
Connectors with a large choice of colours, immediately idenfiable