LEMO has been manufacturing connectors for the nuclear industry for more than 40 years. The nuclear connectors , LEMO’s N series, answer to the stringent requirements of the nuclear energy industry. Special grade stainless steel, insulation material radiation hard such as PEEK (see details) and various types of electrical contacts (gold plated brass or thermocouple (J type, K type,E type…)), high voltage solutions are available.

In addition to the material, LEMO also offers connectors with mechanical features that allow remote handling. Traditionally LEMO offers circular connectors, but for remote handling, the outershell of the connector is modified to offer flat surfaces enabling manipulators with grippers to connect and disconnect the equipment. The connectors can be used for instance in hot cell applications, for fusion research and nuclear power plants.

Full material traceability certificates (all the way to raw materials and smelter lot number) can also be obtained on special request.

  • High temperature resistantHigh temperature resistant
  • High voltageHigh voltage
  • Rugged, shock resistant connectorrugged shock resist
  • Watertight
Hot Cell Applications Connectors Operate
Stainless steel shell for gamma radiation environment, PEEK insert for radiation, EPDM seals for radiation, robotic friendly configurations, pre-entry alignment, visual indication of mated pair, lever option for lower power manipulators, many complex or hybrid insert configurations.
Close Circuit Television
Hybrid inserts (power, control signals, coax) to reduce number of connections. Stainless steel housing and robot-friendly designs.