Cable Assembly at Iberlemo

Since 1995, IBERLEMO S.A.U. has been the official affiliate of LEMO S.A. to cover the needs of Spanish and Portuguese markets. From Granollers (Barcelona) we supply LEMO connectors, Cable assembly solutions and patch panels to help our clients to comply with their projects, designs and manufacturing processes.  

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Carrer del Brasil, 45, 08402 Granollers, Barcelona, Spain


info-es@lemo.com +34 938 60 44 20
Local Key Services Available

The primary customer services available from the Spanish site are:

  • Consultative field-based sales engineering
  • Cable assembling (coper and fibre optics)
  • Inventory management
Consultative field-based sales engineering

Our Consultative Field-Based Sales Engineering service is designed to elevate your sales process to new heights by combining technical expertise with personalized support and guidance. Whether you are a tech-driven organization or a business seeking to integrate complex solutions, our team of skilled sales engineers is dedicated to driving success for your company.

Technical Expertise: 

Our sales engineers possess a diverse skill set encompassing various technologies, systems, and industries that will help on driving our clients to the right solution.

On-site Assessments: 

Our sales engineers conduct in-depth on-site assessments to gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers' unique needs and challenges. This process allows us to tailor solutions that precisely align with their goals, addressing pain points and fostering trust.

Customized Solutions: 

With a deep understanding of your needs and market dynamics, our sales engineers craft tailored solutions that perfectly fit your specific requirements. This level of personalization not only enhances customer satisfaction but also elevates your brand reputation.

Post-Sale Support

Our service doesn't end with the sale; our sales engineers continue to provide post-sale support, ensuring smooth implementation and addressing any technical issues that may arise. 

Cable Assembly at Iberlemo

Cable assembly (copper and fibre optics)

Our cable assembly service offers precision-engineered solutions tailored to your project's specific requirements. With customized designs, rigorous quality control, and expert support, we ensure seamless connectivity, enhanced reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Simplify your assembly process and achieve optimal performance with our efficient cable assemblies.

Inventory Management at Iberlemo

Inventory management

At our warehouse, we take pride in providing an exclusive inventory management service, meticulously organizing, and preserving the used LEMO’s solutions for each of our esteemed clients. Our dedicated system ensures that LEMO products are carefully stored, labelled, and readily accessible whenever you need them.

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