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    Connected Magazin 20 Fueling Future of Mobility

    Fueling the future of mobility

    Can the simplest element of the universe really solve the most complex challenge of our planet ? Colourless and odourless, hydrogen has never attracted as much attention as now. In pursuit of “ zero emission ”, governments have been investing billions in hydrogen. Our special feature is dedicated to one of its promising applications : mobility.

    Pr Jan Van Herle

    Hydrogen, fuel of the future ?

    An interview with Professor Jan Van Herle

    Technico Solar Boat for Connected 20

    No more smoke on the water

    Lightweight boats can also be powered in a clean way by fuel cells. The LEMO Group sponsors two engineering student teams who, after years of solar projects, are now exploring the full potential of this technology, pushing back the boundaries of innovation. 

     Forze Hydrogen Racing

    Hydrogen supercar built by Dutch student team

    Hydrogen-fuelled cars do exist, but can they compete with high-performance cars, such as the supercars running in official races ? Yes, they can, answers Dutch team Forze Hydrogen Racing. The proof is their spectacular Forze IX, designed to become the fastest hydrogen car in the world.

    Bike small magnetic robot

    Super magnetic inspector

    Bike, a small magnetic robot is capable of exploring large oil and gas facilities. Its uniqueness lies in a combination of agility and 3D localisation. A “ Made in Switzerland ” solution within the portfolio of US company Baker Hughes.

    Drone article in Connected Magazine 20

    Sustainable development propelled forward

    Initiated by four enthusiasts, the Flying Labs network counts on local competencies to boost the use of drones in emerging countries. A couple of hundred projects later, the impact of this small ecosystem keeps growing.