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Glodie Lissaau, CNC lathe manufacturing specialist, Switzerland
Glodie Lissaau
CNC lathe manufacturing specialist

How did you arrive at LEMO ?

When I finished school, I applied for several apprenticeships in mechanics. I got an answer from LEMO and an offer to complete a 3-day internship to discover the profession. At 16, I was somewhat impressed by the size of the company! I could also see several types of machines – which meant that I would not be bored, that there would be development opportunities. I found this attractive because I have always wanted to be multi-skilled


Three years of apprenticeship and a Swiss Federal certificate

It all went well, and I really enjoyed it. There was a lot to learn, with a lot of professionals – some with 30 years’ experience! – to help me and to answer my questions. Also, training is very well structured and organised. We have a training centre, and many different courses are available in-house – all you need to do is ask.

Apart from a one-year experience in the watchmaking world, you have always stayed with LEMO

Yes, indeed! Every time I felt that I was stagnating, that I needed a new challenge, new training, LEMO tried to offer me new opportunities. They trusted me and gave me the means to prove that I deserved their trust. Today, I am the youngest CNC specialist in my team, but I feel very much involved. I readily help my colleagues. I can set any type of machine and launch production. I attend meetings for developing new components, for optimising production or quality. I am also one of those who help train interns and apprentices. I love it and I could very well see myself later on in training. So, it is really cool for me to give it a try already


What is your message to young people ?

That LEMO is an excellent place to start a career! The company is solid, and the work varied. Everything is put into place to help people develop their skills. You become autonomous and multi-skilled, which are two essential qualities for starting a career.

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