Does LEMO have remote handling or telemanipulator connectors for low power manipulators?
Yes, the "Y" type units on the LEMO N Series have a lever to assist with mating and unmating.


Does LEMO have gamma radiation tolerant (rad-hardened) connectors?
Yes, LEMO has several connector series that have optional Stainless Steel shells, PEEK inserts, and for wet environments the sealed versions have optional EPDM seals.
(Note: EDPM seals are standard on the N Series).


Does LEMO have connectors to facilitate robotic connections using robot telemanipulator action?
Yes. The LEMO N Series Connector was designed specifically for robotics use in telemanipulator applications.
In addition, LEMO has several models in LEMO B Series, S Series, K Series, and E Series connectors, which are also suitable.