Multi-contact and hybrid inserts (low/high voltage, coax, fiberoptic) reduce space requirements and number of connections.

  • LaserLaser
  • High temperature resistantHigh temperature resistant
  • lightweight
  • Rugged, shock resistant connectorrugged shock resist
  • Watertight
  • Small size, miniature connectorsmall size
Airborne Devices
Light weight yet very rugged design for harsh environments.
Land Vehicles
Ruggedness, light weight (F), hybrid configurations for complex interfaces.
Personal Equipment
Light weight, rugged, watertight versions, blind mating, keying options.
Satellites and Space Vehicles
Light weight (F), shielding (K/E), reliability despite high vibration or large temperature swings.
Ships and Marine Equipment
High reliability despite vibrations, hybrid configurations for power and signals in one connector. Stainless steel options prevents corrosion.
10/100 BaseT
Conversion of signal from Ethernet 100BaseT copper networks to fibre optics and vice-versa.