I’ve never had so many professional opportunities!
Christopher Van Nuys
General Counsel and Operations Manager

What are your responsibilities at LEMO and at NORTHWIRE in the United States ?

As Operations Manager, I make sure that we produce what we need to produce, purchase what we need and ship what we need to ship – just in time! As General Counsel, I oversee the entire legal context: compliance monitoring, negotiating and drafting contracts with customers and suppliers, compliance with labour law, etc.


You started at 25 as a supply chain manager, so it has been a great evolution!

I have had more professional opportunities here than I have had at other larger companies. I even studied law for 4 years and became a lawyer while working full time at LEMO! The Group made it possible, by understanding the heavy burden of this personal commitment, being patient with me and financially contributing to my studies. It would have been much harder had I been working for another company.

LEMO has a reputation of treating people well

It is by far the best company for which I have worked, which is also the reason why I have stayed with the company! In the US, most companies are focused on their monthly results and are quick to hire, quick to fire. LEMO is a special case, a different kind of company. Its growth is based on a long-term vision and strategy. It is a different way of living, allowing for a more human approach to management. A good example: LEMO offers paid shutdown at Christmas – you can relax and recharge your batteries with your family and do not miss out on anything. Such special attention from an employer is increasingly rare in the United States.


How would you describe working relationships ?

We do not have the feeling of working in a “big machine”, as there are not many layers of bureaucracy. On the contrary: I can work with the company’s top management and build up relationships with them. We are neither locked in silos: our opinions are listened to and empowered, wherever they come from; it is pretty incredible. This is what I appreciate the most at LEMO: the human size of the company allows employees to speak up and have a real impact.

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