New REDEL 2P High Voltage plastic connector

REDEL introduces its latest plastic High Voltage connector. These 2, 5 and 8 contacts configurations are the ideal solution for medical and industrial applications.
Building on the 2P series legacy in medical applications, these new insert configurations are the ideal solutions for latest high voltage PFA (Pulsed-Field Ablation) and PEF (Pulsed Electrical Field) catheter technologies.

Besides specific applications, new medical standards for user safety become mandatory (IEC60601-1, 3rd Ed.). This requires extended creepage and clearance distance that can’t be matched by commodity multipin connectors.

The inherent safety, high voltage specification (up to 10 kV AC), lightweight design, and IP66 rating make it an ideal candidate for Industrial and Test/Measurement segments and applications such as automotive testing and electric cars.

redel 2p high voltage

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