The first push-pull single link 4K UHD

push pull single link 4k uhd

The LEMO Group will launch several new products this year. In particular, for UHD broadcast (winner of two “ 2023 NAB Product of the Year ” awards) and communication in hostile environments. The first two insights.

4K resolution has been well established in the consumer broadcast world, driven by the evolution of professional applications. However, these applications do not use standard HDMI. In fact, movie cameras, medical imaging equipment and giant displays use transfer via SDI (serial digital interface) with much higher security UHD requirements (non-disconnection), reliability or cable length. Such constraints also explain why professional applications often require several connections for transporting bulky data generated by 4K UHD images at the speed of 12 Gb/s. Not any longer : LEMO has just launched the first ever Push-Pull 12G SDI on the market.

The full name of this innovation – 12G-SDI 4K UltraHD – is a summary of its main characteristics. It is a quick coaxial Push-Pull connector that complies (by a solid margin, as proven by the tests) with the latest SMPTE ST 2082-1 standard. What the name doesn’t say is that it is single-link (no need for multiple connections) and highly compact (12 mm diameter), which makes it space efficient. Nor does it say that it supports a signal frequency up to 12 GHz which allows for massive 12 Gb/s (nominal) data transfer. It is extremely durable and LEMO guarantees over 1000 mating cycles.

This new connector is also superior to existing bayonet solutions (BNC). Push-Pull connectors are generally more robust and reliable than BNC (LEMO, the acknowledged leader of extreme environment solutions, is perfectly aware of that). It is also more compact, and its extraordinary ease-of-use requires less space. Two qualities that make the new LEMO 12G-SDI 4K UHD the ideal solution to equip cameras (where space-saving is a prerequisite) or to integrate several 4K UHD connectors on the same patch panel.

The obvious benefits of LEMO’s 12G-SDI 4K UHD have very quickly convinced the market. National television stations and major camera manufacturers have expressed their interest even before the official launch mid-April. And, just ten days after its launch, it was awarded in two categories at the NAB show in Las Vegas. It should be noted that the solution can also be adapted to already existing equipment, since LEMO proposes an adapter for coupling its Push-Pull 12G-SDI with BNC solutions.

LEMO 12G-SDI 4K UltraHD Available in size 1 S (part number FGZ.1S.275.CTCE61Z)