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LEMO has just launched a new range of SMPTE & ARIB fibre optic cables for broadcast applications.

The new products should meet the most stringent requirements of broadcast professionals in terms of ruggedness and reliability.

All in all, the key asset of the new SMPTE & ARIB cables is their quality. They meet all the challenges of outdoor broad- cast and, at the same time, they are specially adapted for easy operator handling.
Most important, the new ca- ble is the only one among its competitors to have obtained

LEMO's new SMPTE & ARIB cables.

The Soccer World Cup, Grand Slam tournaments, the Olympic Games: high-profile international sports events have become a MUST for television channels around the world. Any broadcast interruption before an audience of hundreds of millions of viewers caused by connection problems, is simply out of the question. Thanks to LEMO and its subsidiary Northwire, broad- cast professionals can now count on a new hybrid fibre optic solution which ensures optimum signal distribu- tion, from the camera to the OB van parked outside. The first special feature of the cable is its material. Fibre optics support the highest resolutions, such as HD or 4K. The specially formulated PVC jacket is par- ticularly resistant to abrasion, cuts and impact.

Another highlight: the newly designed cable meets the strict standards of the American Society of Motion Pic- ture & Television Engineers (SMPTE). This international association, a world reference in the field of film and television, has developed their own quality standards. In order to meet the standards, the new cable had to pass a large number of tests, which were carried out by an independent test laboratory in the USA and the LEMO Group Fibre Optic R&D centre, LEMO FOUR. Similarly, the ARIB version meets the demanding requirements of the Japanese Association of Radio Industries and Businesses. The tests analysed the max- imum curvature, the cable’s resistance to temperature and humidity as well as its mechanical resistance in specific conditions, such as a vehicle rolling over it.

the UL 758 approval. Delivered by the US consumer product safety agency Underwriters Laboratories, the approval guarantees that the cable does not ignite and thus prevents any risk of fire spreading. The cable doesn’t burn and it is self-extinguishing. If one end catches fire, there is no risk that the fire will spread to the other end.

LEMO performs connector and cable assembly in many countries (see article on page 24). Fibre optic cable assembly requires special training, which is pro- vided by LEMO FOUR (Fibre Optic Unit of Research) in England. Maintenance is critical, as the slightest con- tamination may interfere with signal quality. Therefore, the fibre ends need to be inspected frequently, de- pending on usage, and cleaned if necessary. Specific cleaning tools have been developed and are available from any LEMO subsidiary.

Two versions can be discovered at IBC 2015: The new cable is available in two versions: SMPTE (for the US market) and ARIB (for the Japanese market). For the time being, they are predominantly used for outside broadcast or in studios. A low smoke zero halogen in- stallation grade is also being developed for permanent studio installation.