To see the world in all its panoramic splendor

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The latest generation camera developed by Jaunt propels spectators into the reality experienced by the cameraman.

More than just the technological aspect, the California-based company will also redefine the contents.

Zion National Park, Utah. A young man is tak- ing photos to be able to share the breathtaking scenery with family and friends. Back home, however, he realizes that his snapshots do not reproduce the true beauty of the park and the powerful feeling he has experienced. Feeling frustrated, he wonders how it would be possible for him to capture the world in all its splendor: to capture it in 3D and in 360 degrees. To invent a camera capable of reproducing human vision.

The idea turns into a project and the Jaunt company is founded. Based in Silicon Valley, it has been developing technologies that make us live immersive experiences, as close as possible to reality. Jaunt’s lead product is a camera intended for professionals. An extraordinary camera with an out of this world design. With its 24 perfectly synchronized lenses and sensors, it embraces the whole surrounding scenery in three dimensions, frame by frame. With the help of advanced algorithms, it simulates stereo vision, as if we saw the scenery with both eyes simultaneously. Thanks to its high-quality components, the camera can operate in all conditions. Whether you are in the desert or in the jungle, there is nothing to worry about. 

The camera is designed to be water resistant. Even in humid or dusty environments, its precious interior stays protected. 

Unlike other brands, Jaunt cameras leave total control to users. They have the possibility to adjust exposure, white balance and many other parameters.

Yet technology is not the only added value that Jaunt has brought to the market. For the Californian company, the fact of providing such a camera to professionals also gives them the opportunity to create contents that could revolutionize the way we experience events. Jaunt has therefore created various pieces of content in partnership with young directors and established film-makers, with famous musicians such as Paul McCartney, as well as with sport organizations like the National Hockey League or the National Football League in the United States. The idea is to explore all the possibilities offered by virtual reality in various domains. For instance, by developing a brand new narrative language for the cinema or TV series, by immersing in the heart of a football match or a live concert among the musicians.

The first glimpses of the future can already be caught. Jaunt has collected the contents already created in an online library open to the general public. They can be visualized on a smartphone or any type of virtual reality headsets. Enough to arouse the curiosity of creative minds and to encourage them to develop new ideas and propose new immersive experiences.

Still young, the virtual reality market has been booming for the past two years and it continues to grow rapidly. Jaunt expects to stay a leader of this great movement.