Quantum offers patient solace

Heart Lung Machine

Spectrum Medical began its journey into innovation in 2006. Since then, it has been improving medical technologies and using the best quality components.

One key product line — Quantum Perfusion Technologies — exemplifies this.

The Quantum line integrates perfusion technologies and patient safety systems for a range of clinical therapies that use extracorporeal circulation for patient support. These systems are vital to keeping patients stable during procedures by monitoring and supporting certain organ functions.

For example, during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery, a surgeon needs a bloodless and motionless field. This is achieved by a perfusionist operating an extracorporeal system — a heart-lung machine in this case — that temporarily takes over the functions of the heart and lungs.

Quantum Perfusion Technologies include a range of devices, software and equipment to support this. The system is modular so end-users can select components to integrate with their existing equipment or compose an entire system to suit their needs.

These systems, of course, need cutting-edge technology to enable clinicians to provide optimal patient care. In terms of construction, they also need to be safe and suitable for a medical environment, physically robust, and ergonomically efficient. LEMO connectors fit these requirements and many different types are used in the various components. Spectrum explains that LEMO advantages include high configurability, strong Push-Pull latching, and a rating for 5,000+ insertions, supporting their 10-year overall equipment lifespan.

They are used, for example, in the Workstation, which is the primary interface for the Quantum Management System and a key element for patient safety. It centralises critical patient data through integrated software, such as blood flow management, patient ventilation and vitals management. You’ll also find LEMOs in the flow pressure level sensor of the Quantum Ventilation System, a novel solution for managing extracorporeal patient ventilation. The Quantum Pump Console’s support frame contains numerous connectors within the accessory ports, and all power management cabling is built within the frame for ergonomics and durability.

When using the system, you can bet that the medical team is not thinking about the LEMO connectors that are found throughout — a good thing for patients! But if the team is free to focus on patients, it is because the equipment is designed to not let them down. This includes the reliability, flexibility and overall performance of the connectors that Spectrum engineers have been known to call, “the Rolls Royce of connectors.