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LEMO has launched its new Halo LED product, the first intelligent active connectors fitted with 16-million-colour indicators. 

Configurable through their embedded electronics, they are capable of indicating a wide range of useful information instantly.

LEMO connectors perfectly fulfil their mission of ensuring data transmission from one piece of equipment to another, no matter the environment. The new Halo LED product launched this autumn adds the new function of informing the user via a multiplexed RGB LED indicator arranged in a ring around the connector. This innovation makes life much easier. With information being displayed directly on the connector, the customer no longer needs to integrate an indicator into his equipment.

What information can be displayed by the Halo LEDs? It is for the customer to decide before adding the connector to his equipment. The indicator can be configured as required: status (on/off or blinking), light intensity and of course colours. The multiplexed indicator consisting of red, green and blue LEDs, you simply combine the pulse width modulations of each colour in order to generate the colour of your choice out of among 16 million shades of colour. The indicator’s behaviour can also be modified at a later stage, via software, providing maximum flexibility.

Halo LEDs can serve as colour codes making connection easier (which is particularly useful in dark places such as film studios). They can indicate connection status (green: the connector is correctly mated with compatible equipment). In other cases where a piece of equipment should only be connected to another specific piece of equipment, they can confirm the right connection (serving as a safety key). Similarly, LEDs can indicate whether the connected equipment is original (red: it’s a copy) or whether the equipment is connected to a power supply. It can also signal data transmission (like blinking diodes in data centres) or for example that the connector needs cleaning (after a number of mating cycles) or has to be replaced (after a selected period).

In certain diagnostic or calibration applications, the user has to repeat the same action over and over again: connect the connector, turn to see the result on the test equipment, pull out the connector, connect it somewhere else, etc. With Halo LEDs, the positive or negative result can be read directly on the connector, which is much faster, practical and reliable.

Halo LED’s design is particularly striking. Patented, it’s first version presented by LEMO was recognized in spring 2016 at the Hannover Messe (first prize in the i-NOVO design category). This first version featured fewer options and it indicated only two colours.

The new Halo LEDs are available in the 0B series, but LEMO is ready to adapt them to other series upon request from customers. Two more connectors with embedded electronics and LEDs, with different design are being developed. These three connector types are part of the new IACTM (Intelligent Active Connectors) launched by LEMO last year. A new era has thus started in the constantly reinvented history of Push-Pull connectors. 


Compatible connectors
– 0B series, the same size insulators as the standard 0B series (with 2 to 7 contacts)
– Further sizes and B, K and T series available upon request

Light indicators
1.6 x 1.5 x 0.35 mm LED
– 16 million colours

– Now