LEMO receives 5 prizes in 2016 in recognition of product development

A year of innovation, with the launch of the Nicoral Surface treatment and the Halo LED connector, LEMO did well in innovation recognition in 2016. Altogether 5 awards:

  • NiCorAl™ corrosion resistance received third place in i-NOVO Tech category at hannover Messe
  • The Halo LED, (IAC Intelligent Active Connector) received first place in the Design category also at i-NOVO from Directindustry
  • NiCorAl™ coating was honored with a special recognition award: the Green Tech Merit at R&D 100 awards
  • NiCorAl™ coating was awarded with Platinum by Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Award
    The Halo LED was awarded Gold by Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Award
2016 awards

The Nicoral™ surface treatment is a salt spray corrosion resistant finish. Salt spray corrosion testing was invented at the beginning of the 20th century. It’s a controlled corrosion environment testing used to test corrosion-resistant materials. LEMO’s Nicoral surface treatment can be applied to our range of Aluminium connectors and offers 500 hours of salt spray resistance for instance with LEMO’s M series and F series connector.

The Halo LED connector is a connector with a LED lighted flange allowing to display the connector status, thus enabling the user or operator to have an immediate visual indication of the connection status. It can be used for Network connection status and it can be used to display settings too. When multiple connections need to be made, the user will know straight away if all the connexion setups are running fine.