LEMO at Oracle World Tour in London

On 14th March, Michael Fuchs, LEMO CFO was on stage at the Oracle World Tour in London to share insights about our transformation journey. Hosted by Cormac Watters, Executive Vice President, Applications, he also explained why Oracle Fusion Applications were the right answer for LEMO. 

Oracle’s quarterly “high mass” event is held by turns in Dubai, Las Vegas, London and Milan. In front of an audience larger than the entire LEMO Group staff, Michael gave a short introduction to LEMO’s history and business strategy, the challenges facing our company and how Oracle can accompany our strategies and growth ambitions.

LEMO stands out as a global leader in our field, with a high complexity of business processes, partnering with Oracle for a complete transformation of our vertically integrated organisation. Both LEMO and Oracle are always at the forefront of high tech and best practices. Finally, working with LEMO will also serve as an opportunity for Oracle to develop their products and expertise.

The expected benefits for LEMO are building the foundations of a global organisation, with an aligned culture, no silos, greater efficiency and standardized, better exploited data.

As for advice to those embarking on similar projects, Michael compared this transformation programme to a spaceship journey: embark a strong team with the right people from LEMO and Oracle, go fast, but not too fast, make sure you know where you are going, keep focus, keep cool, and “don’t forget to have fun!”

As Cormac said, “Swiss manufacturing meets Oracle, this should be great fun”.