LEMO now showcases its product line on EPLAN Data Portal

EPLAN Data Portal is a web-based platform that gives engineers instant access to electrical schematics from numerous component manufacturers, including, from now on, LEMO connectors.

The EPLAN Data Portal is an integral part of the EPLAN drawing platform, which enables users to significantly reduce effort & engineering time, and also to easily generate the detailed and accurate documentation that is required by today’s end users of automation systems.

EPLAN Data Portal contains a wide library of CAD components: over 900’000 data sets from more than 290 manufacturers. The data sets are classified in 4 categories, namely, electrical engineering, fluid power, mechanics and process engineering. Specifically, LEMO’s product line can be found under Electrical Engineering > Plugs. Advance search criteria include pin count, electrical current and more…. Moreover, the EPLAN Data Portal includes ordering information, logical symbols, product pictures and macros.

“We first met the EPLAN team during the Electronica show in Munich 2018. It’s been a long-haul project, but thanks to my colleagues and the help of EPLAN in Germany, today we are happy to generate more than 20’000 datasets available online for LEMO products. In the future, we plan to enhance this library working on the 2D and 3D macros and adding items to complete the M and F series product line”, says Serge Buechli, Business Development Manager at LEMO SA.

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