HD Wearable camera connector

T2-M series coax 75Ohms 6143 b

In an increasingly interconnected world, there is a constant drive to ensure that connections are made ever simpler. The new M Series Mixed High-Speed Coax combines, in one single connector, everything a camera needs.

Wearable cameras are among the numerous devices fitted to modern vests worn by security and armed forces. They must be as lightweight, resistant, compact and practical as possible – any confusion in the “heat of battle” being obviously out of the question. The new LEMO connector makes their connection drastically easier.

This connector is the M Series Mixed High-Speed Coax connector. Similar to all the other M Series connectors, it is highly compact and designed to function in the harshest of environments. However, it is also the first to combine coaxial and low voltage signals, which is a real advantage for quite a few applications.

Among the large number of possible configurations, let us focus on the one for wearable cameras. A coaxial M series connector of just 1 cm in diameter can house five contacts: 2 contacts to power the camera, two low voltage contacts to drive the camera’s micromotors (zoom, controls) and a single 75-Ohm coaxial contact to transmit images in HDTV quality. In a nutshell, all the connections necessary for the camera are integrated.

At the same time, LEMO engineers have managed to double the maximum operating frequency of their standard coaxial contact, for example. It has been increased to 6 GHz for the new M Series range.* Another special feature: there is no ratchet coupling mechanism, unlike the rest of the M Series. The camera’s connection is completely noise-free, which means it is even suited to applications where discretion is vital (think “stealth operation”).

The M Series has always been an example of compactness and this new model takes this feature a step further. One single connection – instead of two or three – frees up a lot of space for the equipment and reduces the number of parts required for the design. Simplicity is greatly enhanced for the user as well: one single connection is enough and there are fewer cables to purchase, maintain and carry …

Wearable cameras are of course not the only possible market for the new connector. All broadcast applications requiring robustness, compact design and simplicity can benefit from the M Series Mixed High-Speed Coax connector. Even so, since as usual, LEMO’s new solution is customisable upon request (size, contact configuration, Push-Pull instead of screw coupling) all the customers have to do is define their needs.

The M Series Mixed High-Speed Coax connector (coaxial + low voltage) is the latest design from an iconic product family. The M Series was created in 2009 specifically for motorsport, where reliability, compactness, light weight and ruggedness are a must. Thanks to these qualities, combined with a very wide range of operating temperatures (-55°C / +200°C), it is not only the “product of choice” in the uncompromising world of Formula 1, but also for aerospace and defence applications. The series has been regularly enhanced, offering a number of variants (multiple low voltage, hybrid, fibre optic). A High-Power model (see Connected 10) is currently in the testing phase, whilst others are currently being developed.