Halo LED connector

LEMO has launched a new connector called Halo LED, which is part of a new range called IACâ„¢ (Intelligent Active Connector).
This Push-Pull metal connector is based on existing LEMO series and will be available in B or K series.

This product includes a LED lit flange allowing to display the connection status, which enables the user to have immediate visual identification showing that the connector is securely connected and powered up.

The connector includes a circular array of LED positioned on the connector flange. These LEDs can be either white, red, green or blue. The equipment designer can also, according to his needs, display two different colours consecutively (green/red for instance), allowing the equipment to display a connector status for diagnostics.

As part of the IACâ„¢ (Intelligent Active Connector) program, additional features, such as unique connector identification can be available. In this case, the connector pair will use an electronic chip that can offer identification, counting, safety and security options.

halo led connector