From freezing cold to searing hot

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Okazaki is one of these companies that raise technology to new levels of perfection and reliability. 

Its temperature sensors are capable of operating in extremely hostile environments.

Okazaki was founded in Japan, back in 1954. Since then, it has never stopped growing, opening new production plants over the dec- ades. Today the company is a global leader in the field of heating systems and temperature measurement devices. It develops highly reli- able and heat resistant temperature sensors and cables.

These special devices are adapted to the most demanding environments, with extremely low or high temperatures. They are capable of op- erating in extremely varied atmospheres, such as oxidizing, neutral or vacuum atmospheres.

At the top end of the range, there are thermo- couples. These devices are made for measur- ing and controlling temperature with the help of special metallic conductors. They are used in the most complex industrial processes, but also in very simple everyday applications, such as the thermostats that we use at home.

Yet, Okazaki’s thermocouples are far from ordinary. They employ a unique technology that took years to perfect: mineral insulated (MI) cables. It enables them to resist to a heat range of -269°C to +2200°C and to measure temperatures in as hostile environments as a rocket engine at full capacity or the reactor of a nuclear power plant.

To meet these challenges, Okazaki thermocouples are both extremely reliable and innovative. Actually, the Japanese company has gone so far in the field that it holds the world record for the smallest thermocouple. With a thickness as low as 0.08 mm, AerOpack Nano is finer than a human hair!

In order to improve the efficiency of its pro- cess industry thermocouples, Okazaki has also developed a high added-value product, the Vortexwell thermowell. This uniquely designed and extremely efficient system not only pro- tects the sensor from hydrostatic and aerody- namic forces and chemical effects of process fluids, but also does not require a velocity collar thus reducing costs of installation and maintenance, whilst providing highly accurate temperature measurement in particularly hos- tile environments.

Today, customers all over the world are con- vinced by this small concentrate of thermo- sensing technology. You will find Okazaki products in all applications that require high security and reliability, such as space shuttles and satellites, nuclear or thermal power plants, the automobile industry, or photovoltaic in- stallations. No matter what the conditions are, these new type of temperature sensors never stop pushing their limits to the extreme.