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At a time when new technologies keep emerging and replacing each other, LEMO provides a rare, even unique, service. 

In a sector where life cycles tend to shorten due to obsolescence, LEMO offers not only innovative cutting edge products, but also parts and sub-components that date back to decades, whenever necessary.

Aqualabo has won over cities, factories and other water treatment plants in Eu- rope, Asia and the Americas with its instruments dedicated to water analysis and control.

H2O is the key element of our ecosystem and, as such, it has been a major concern and the focus of considerable attention. Oxygen, pH, redox, salinity, conductivity, temperature, turbidity, chlorides, iron, copper, zinc and many other chemical and physical properties are measured and analyzed throughout its processing cycle. Municipal authorities, companies, laboratories and farmers can count on a wide range of high precision instruments, used for detecting pollutants, setting limits in the field of sanitation. In this highly competitive, constantly evolving market, Aqualabo has managed to solve a complex equation: offer cutting-edge products (sensors, spectrophometers, samplers, overflow detectors, etc.) fully designed and manufactured in France, at competitive prices.

The Aqualabo group includes Aqualabo Contrôle and Aqualabo Analyse, follow- ing the merger of several companies. Each of them has contributed with several decades of know-how in the field of water analysis and control, explains Séverine Vary, Product Manager and Deputy General Manager. “Together, we are able to provide a complete range of materials and reagents throughout the water cycle, be it for drinking water systems, industrial water, natural waters, or wastewater. Combining the expertise of our various entities makes it possible to offer turnkey solutions for very specific requirements.”

For instance, Aqualabo has developed a complete water management concept for fish farms in Portugal and Russia. “Namely, we have combined intelligent sensors manufactured by our Ponsel unit for water control, equipped with automatic devices designed by Perax. These devices are capable of analyzing the data measured by the sensors and manage the alerts, by triggering automatically the aeration of water tanks or activating the pumps, for example.”
With a staff of about a hundred employees based in France and over 80 distributors all over the world, Aqualabo invests a great deal in R&D. “We have for example developed a duo sensor*. This design, unique on the market, is much more cost-saving and eco-friendly: one of the components is a consumable that the customer can replace himself, instead of buying a whole new sensor.” *The sensor’s watertightness and reliability are ensured by LEMO connectors. 

What truly makes the group stand out from among its competitors is its flexible approach in terms of software technology. “We are the only ones who can offer such a wide range of intelligent products without the need of purchasing our own specific transmitter, explains Séverine Vary. We offer our customers the possibility of purchasing only the sensor that they can then connect to their IT system.” Aqualabo provides the necessary information for connecting the device. “This flexible approach opens further development opportunities, notably with major electronic box manufacturers in Asia.” An undeniable competitive advantage without overshadowing the primary mission of Aqualabo, which is guaranteeing out standing water quality for the well-being of all.

High precision pollutant detection in rivers.