CONNECTED 19 is out!

The brand new CONNECTED 19 is now available!

Discover some extraordinary applications enabled by our solutions!

In this edition, we showcase two companies with groundbreaking innovations for our planet. One is developing the underwater internet to explore the depths of our oceans. The other is revolutionising one of the world’s most polluting industries, textile dyeing.

Our main feature takes you behind the scenes of the blockbuster musical, "The Lion King," in an exclusive interview with Disney. Plus, we delve into the Paris Opera House's journey towards the world of streaming as it celebrates its 150 years.

But that's not all! Get insights from the director of Viva Tech, Europe's largest event of its kind. Discover how LEMO's solution won two prestigious "Product of the Year" awards at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. And learn how LEMO supports 20 teams around the globe in the world's biggest student engineering competition.

Enjoy the thrill of innovation and discovery with Connected 19!