CONNECTED 17: the new edition of our hi-tech magazine is out!

The new edition of “CONNECTED”, our high-tech magazine dedicated to innovation and innovators is out!

Our special feature will focus on robotic surgery through an interview with a surgeon and the portrait of two major players in this emerging market sector. You can also discover the world’s largest telescope, Europe’s first Hyperloop test tube and a solar boat with a rather unusual design. We will take you to the home of the iconic Nagra brand to listen to their first and extraordinary hi-fi turntable. We will also unveil the new high-power variant of the M Series, the reference interconnect solution for extreme environments. Last but not least, we will tell you the story of the invention that propelled TV into the age of high definition (recognised by an Emmy Award).

All of this and much more, in CONNECTED 17, now available in English, German and French.

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