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Not only connectors, but cables as well suffer from extreme cold. They lose flexibility, wear more rapidly and need to be frequently replaced.

Recognized worldwide for its high quality cables, Northwire had decided to take up the challenge issued by its customers: to design a low temperature cable that is ultra-resistant, flexible, durable and competitively priced. A cable that not only meets the highest requirements of international standards, but can also be available within the shortest time span. It was a major challenge that cable engineers have brilliantly met. Extreme Frigid Flex RIG™ was born.

Northwire, LEMO’s US subsidiary, is no novice in the field of “arctic grade” cables. Still, this cable manufacturer dedicated three years (2010 to 2013) to develop Extreme Frigid Flex RIG™.

Northwire’s engineers’ intuition led them to focus on material, by studying yet unexplored opportunities. Whereas most “arctic grade” and marine cables had used rubber, Northwire chose to focus on thermoplastic elastomer, a mixture of materials that proved to be much more resistant and efficient in very low temperatures. The result is a low temperature cable that stays flexible and solid way below zero with a life span much longer than its competitors’. Extreme Frigid Flex RIG™ stays flexible within the impressive temperature range of -60°C to +105°C. In a climatic chamber, it easily passes the 1,000 hour weatherometer limit, which is significantly more than what is required to pass extremely demanding tests for certification according to ABS (American Bureau Shipping), USCG (United States Coast Guard), UL 1309, CSA 245, ANSI, CE, IEEE 1580, REACH and RoHS2. 

Extreme Frigid Flex RIG™ offers further advantages that make it an extremely versatile flex cable. Watertight, resistant to flame, weld spatter, UV radiation and chemicals, it is also ideal for offshore oil and gas environments. Its material, thermoplastic elastomer, requires less assembly work enabling much shorter delivery time. Another major advantage for Northwire wire and cable customers.

With its specifications, Extreme Frigid Flex RIG™ is adapted to a wide range of applications. This flexible cable accompanies exploratory and drilling missions in Arctic regions. As an offshore cable, it can also be found on oil rigs and vessels in ice-covered seas.