LEMO and NORTHWIRE - Connection by Design 

After decades providing robust, high quality connectors to industries across the globe, we came to a daunting conclusion. We knew our connectors were world class, but connectors are only part of the equation. If a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, how could we ensure cables would function as effectively as our connectors? The answer was to identify a manufacturer with the experience, knowledge and values that match our own. NORTHWIRE was the perfect strategic fit. 

Acquiring NORTHWIRE in 2014 provided us with the ability to provide end-to-end solutions whose every component matched the quality and reliability of LEMO connectors. 

NORTHWIRE is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of custom cable and wire and assemblies. Its commitment to quality is demonstrated by certifications for quality management (ISO 9001), medical devices and aerospace (ISO 13485, AS 9100) and NORTHWIRE is an ISO 17025 qualified test facility. Northwire provides the only standalone cables supplied by LEMO. We think that says it all. 

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Benefits of Integrated Connector and Cable Solutions

  • The same design-driven principles
  • A integrated approach to quality
  • Collaborative, in-house expertise
  • State-of-the-art materials
  • Standard and custom configurations
  • Expertise in complex assemblies
  • Rapid prototyping
  • A proven track record of quality manufacturing
  • Whole assembly testing
  • REACH and RoHS compliance
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The Importance of Choosing the Right Material

We select the most appropriate materials with the most desirable properties and the most suitable components to perform optimally under the conditions that you define. 
Our wide range of materials for wires, wire insulation, fillers, shielding and jacketing combined with our in-depth design and manufacturing expertise guarantee to our customers the optimised cable solution for their specific requirements in terms of:

  • Technical cables

  • Biocompatibility

  • Automation & High-flex

  • Retractile coil cords

  • Ruggedized 

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Custom Cables to Fulfil Your Unique Requirements

From design to delivery, our in-house expertise in cable manufacturing provides you with the ultimate in high performance, custom interconnection solutions.

  • In depth needs analysis
  • In-house design expertise
  • Choice of proprietary, standard and state-of-the-art materials
  • Extensive manufacturing capacity: extrusion, cabling, braiding, potting, over moulding etc
  • Whole assembly testing
  • Rapid prototyping
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We understand that specific requirements call for custom solutions. However, we also stock an extensive range of ready-to-use cables. Use our search engine to find exactly what you need. 

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