The system provides a transition from HD over hybrid (copper and fibre) cables to HD over a single multiway fibre optic cable.
The MULTISHACK-3X enables up to 3 cameras to be individually powered from one remote source (i.e. a local generator) through the 3K.93C connectors and cables.
The optical signals will continue to be transmitted through individual pairs of fibres within a multiway fibre optic cable.
Main Features: 
The power is inserted at the Camera end MULTISHACK-3X via a waterproof mains / power connector and is distributed to the hybrid cables through individual circuits. 
The CCU / OB MULTISHACK-3X is powered by the output voltage from the CCU. The MULTISHACK-3x uses the technology proven in the SHACKTM and has individual transmission circuits ensuring a manufacturer protection handshake for each channel. 
The system weighs 17kg