I have a wireless microphone module and the connector on it appears to be a LEMO connector. How do I determine the LEMO part number to order these connectors?
Please download LEMO's Audio Connectors for Microphone Applications Datasheet


What is the meaning of the letters Y or W at the end of a part number?
The letters "Y" and in some cases "W" have been used for special designs.
In general they indicate that a catalog item has been modified in order to meet a specific need in a particular application.
Common specials can be looked-up using the Search By Part Number.
Otherwise, contact info@lemo.com to get details about what is unique in your specific part number.


What is the meaning of the letter "Z" at the end of a part number?
A "Z" at the end of a part number usually indicates that something is missing. For example, if you add a "Z" to the part number of a free plug (FGG, FFA) then the plug will be equipped with a nut for fitting a bend relief. The bend relief itself must then be ordered separately. A "Z" at the end of a part number for a panel-mount receptacle (EGG, ERA) often removes the washer and nut from the product so that you can use your own hardware.