In LEMO fiber optic connectors, what is a "T-adapter"?
The "T-adapter" is a component supplied with the LEMO K series fiber optic connectors that facilitates the secure attachment of the cable jacket to the rear of the connector, and permits an epoxy type moisture seal, preventing moisture ingress in to the cable from that junction.
For further details see "Cable Fixing" in the Technical Library.


What does the letter Z signify as a contact code in LEMO fiber optic connectors?
A "Z" usualy designates no electric contacts. If the connector configuration calls for only fiber optic contacts, the letter "Z" must be entered in the contact code location to ensure proper encoding of the part number.


Example: the FGG.3K.03A.CLZC65 is a straight plug with a cable collet and two holes for fiberoptic contacts . Note that you must order the two fiber optic contacts separately.


What is the significance of the "W" keyway code in the 3K.93C HDTV fiber optic connector part numbers?
In order to ensure safety to the system and users, the "W" five-key system is assigned exclusively to the HDTV broadcast camera connectors (see ANSI/SMPTE 304M-1998/311M-1998, ARIB BTA S-1005B or EBU R100-1999).
In other cases select a different key code (for example, "G" or "A" or "J").


I plan to terminate LEMO fiber optic connectors at my site. What are the tools I would need to complete the task?
The type of connector chosen (single or multi-fiber, hybrid, sealed or not sealed), determines the tools required to terminate LEMO fiber optic connectors.
For your convenience, LEMO has gathered the most common tools and accessories for 125 mm fiber connector assembly into a single kit, complete with a carrying case. 

For advice on terminating the various types of LEMO fibre optic connectors please contact your local LEMO supplier.

Instructions include the following guide lines


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  • Tight Jacket Cable 
  • Multiway Optical Cable 
  • Multiway Hybrid Cable 
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