For many decades, LEMO has worked closely with research centres, such as the CERN, or other national institutes around the world to provide connectors dedicated to research laboratories and universities.

Our connector manufacturing program includes high voltage connectors up to 50kV (specifically designed against corona effect), multiple high voltage pin connectors and mixed inserts with coaxial & low voltage, as well as other speciality connectors. LEMO offers high frequency connectors and connectors used for antennae with impedance controlled solutions. Our specifications include connectors with VSWR below 1.25 @10Ghz. In addition, the insulating material used for the connector can be made of PEEK or PTFE (high impedance matching for 50-Ohm or 75-Ohm connectors)

The 00 series connector (NIM Camac CD/N 549 standard) is one example of subminiature connectors with quick latch coupling mechanism used in research or instrumentation applications, as well as on acquisition modules for particle physics.

Other connectors designed for research include vacuum tight connectors that are tested in our facilities with a helium leak test detector, to make sure the component fulfils 100% of the requirements.

For specific design and high vacuum tightness do not hesitate to contact your local LEMO contact.

If you don't find the connector you are looking for and require a completely new design, again.... do not hesitate to contact us via your local LEMO representative.

  • LaserLaser
  • High voltageHigh voltage
  • Rugged, shock resistant connectorrugged shock resist
  • Watertight
  • Small size, miniature connectorsmall size
Excellent choice (reliability, longevity) for connecting serviceable subsystems.
Sub-Atomic Research
NIM-CAMAC standard, high density packaging, minimal space for insertion and removal.
Physics Research
Mixed signal high voltage, up to 50 high voltage contacts in a single connector. Solutions for 5kV, 10kV, 15kV, 30kV and 50kV.
High number of contacts or hybrid configurations reduce space requirements and allow easy setups/re-configurations.