The pleasure of working for a human-sized company
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Dirk Kruijssen
Key Account Manager

What made you choose LEMO?

Many different reasons, most of them related to the human size of the company. My position, for example, is at the same time global and highly focused: I have to develop a support platform for a single customer. I am involved from A to Z and not subject to decisions “from above”. Our offer being highly targeted — Push-Pull high performance — I know the technologies in detail. So, I have the feeling of being sharper and more efficient. Therefore, the learning curve is better.


What does it change in your working relationship?

Flat hierarchy enables me to be really listened to. Whenever I have an idea, I suggest it to the subsidiary director. We discuss about it and finetune it, and then I can go ahead! It doesn’t take any longer to sell a project internally than it does to a customer. This dynamic approach has helped me to attain very quickly the first concrete objectives. It also makes it easier for me to make and keep my promises to the customer. I find it very motivating and gratifying.

Does this human size also influence company culture?

Yes, absolutely. Because the subsidiary (50 or so employees) is a solid team. Because LEMO is a family company. Also, because our connections with the headquarters in Switzerland are strong. I have been there several times, I know most managers - engineering, logistics, sales, etc. So, relationships are very personal, human, and direct. I live better - and I work better - in such an environment.


What about the working environment?

LEMO is committed to the well-being of its employees. This can be seen, for example, in the special attention given by the management to the creation of our new building in Holland. I also have a lot of flexibility: I live on the other side of the country, so I am allowed to work several days a week from home. This way, I avoid driving three hours every day, which gives me an excellent work-life balance.

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