Meet the Volocity

Volo City Front

Presented in last August, the VoloCity is the latest solution proposed by Volocopter, the first designed for actual commercial use.

All of its features (number of seats, range, speed…) are related to its mission: to be an inner-city flying taxi and nothing else.

The choice of simplicity, for instance (such as direct-drive motors and fixed pitch rotors) makes the solution less costly to manufacture, more reliable (less expensive maintenance and easier to certify), lighter, so more economical and less noisy. Everything is closely linked.

The control unit is equipped with 0B, 0T and 2B Series LEMO connectors.

The wide span and a large number of battery-powered engines and rotors (18 of each) reduce the noise level and generate a frequency that is softer and more pleasant on the ear. It also improves safety: the VoloCity is capable of flying even if several engines are inoperative. The aircraft will fly at “only” 110kmph, which is safer (better collision avoidance) and less noisy than rapid eVTOLs.

One passenger and the pilot have access and are seated comfortably (Volocopter’s analyses show that the large majority of intra-urban passengers travel alone). There is space for hand luggages, airconditioning, silence and a stunning view. Once the regulations will authorise it, the VoloCity will also be able to fly autonomously.

The VoloCity embarks 9 Lithium-ion exchangeable battery packs. These are recharged on the vertiports. Whenever the aircraft lands in between two flights, batteries can be changed in five minutes to fresh batteries and can take off. Its 35km range makes it possible to connect the most popular destinations (city centres, airports, business centres …).

Vertical take-off and landing, so no need for wheels nor retractable landing gear. This is part of the rationalisation process to reduce weight, breakdowns, production and maintenance costs. Ground operations are ensured by conveyor belts or platforms.

Diameter of the rotor rim (including rotors)
0 M
Diameter of a single rotor
0 M
0 M
Number of motors & rotors
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